Electrostatic Paint Service

Ransburg Number Two system


Ransburg Air GunCraft Office Plus is the only dealer in the area offering electrostatic painting to the public. This process is a very environmentally friendly process whereby metal surfaces can be refinished with an absolute minimum of waste.  By electrostatically charging the material as it leaves the paint gun and grounding the product to be painted, the paint is drawn to the surface providing a smooth, even finish.  Normally we use epoxy which provides a more durable finish as well.  We offer both air spray and centrifugal systems (Ransburg #2 Gun) and can paint in our facility or at yours. 




Equipment that can benefit from electrostatic services:


A demonstration of the air process can be seen at:

A demo of the centrifugal process can be seen at:

Click here for an explanation of the electrostatic process.

In addition to electrostatic, we also provide conventional spray painting and sandblasting services.

For more information or a quote call us at 601.372.7901 or email us at customerservice@craftofficeplus.com

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