Privacy and Security Policy

Privacy Policy

Craft Office Supply, LLC dba Craft Office Plus values your privacy. We will not share any data collected in the course of doing business with our customers. Contact information including names, email addresses, credit cards will only be used with your permission to effect communication between Craft and our customers, or to complete transactions. Email addresses may be used for purposes of informing our customers of buying opportunities periodically, but the opportunity to opt out will be provided with each of these emails.

If you have concerns about what information, if any, we have about you, please Contact Us and we will be happy to provide that data.


Craft Office Supply takes security of your private information very seriously. We go to great lengths to protect that information. A secure site (https:) is provided to encrypt orders and payment data such as credit card numbers for business transacted online. For orders handled in house, access to personal information is only granted to those employees necessary to complete the transaction.

If you have concerns about privacy or security, please feel free to Contact Us.